Launch Day

It has been over 20 years since I first connected to the Internet. Things sure have changed. One of my first memories of cyberspace is downloading a picture of troops fighting during the first Gulf War. It took hours and hours to download on my speedy 2400 Baud modem. For those too young to remember, we had no World Wide Web back then. Instead, we had online services with “advanced” graphical user interfaces. In my house we used Prodigy.

Sometime in 1994 Prodigy released a game-changing update. Finally, its customers were able to access this thing called the World Wide Web. It was still slow, but it brought the entire world (well, the small percentage with access) right into your home. It was about this time I began transforming into the geek I am today.

I soon began participating in IRC chatrooms about my favorite TV show, The X-Files. I also started playing first person shooters against people across the country. I was hooked. How-to documents started to appear for creating your own website. Determined to create my own, I read and read. Once I had an inkling of the concept I signed up for a GeoCities (now defunct) account and published my very first website. I have tried to find a copy of its greatness on archive.org to no avail. So let me describe its core features to you:

1. A flashy color scheme, yellow background with neon green text
2. Loaded with awesome animated gif images
3. Enough sound files to make it load slow on a fiber connection

Oh and it was dedicated to The X-Files, of course!

Since then I have been a self-described geek. I love technology, social networking, gadgets, and everything in between.

Why has it taken me so long to create my own website again? Not sure. My guess, I am afraid this will never live up to my first one. 😛

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