Category: Photography

Before and After

People are sometimes curious what an image looks like before post processing. Here are some examples that highlight the editing

Golden Gate Bridge Mobile Wallpapers

I’ve received¬†requests for iPhone and Android wallpapers, so here is my first set.¬†Six different shots of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Domino Sugars located in Baltimore

When walking around Baltimore’s Inner Harbor it’s hard not to miss the Domino Sugars factory. Rumored to be the size

Forgotten Desk

This photo was taken at an abandoned coal breaker located in Ashley, Pennsylvania. During its prime the coal breaker employed

The Lights

This chandelier hangs in the lobby of the MeetMe office. I thought with the right bokeh it may make an

Autumn On The Reservoir

Located in Baltimore County, Maryland the Loch Raven Reservoir never disappoints when it comes to sunsets. A neutral density filter